Chin augmentation

The chin is often a very overlooked area, you can underestimate the massive difference a well proportioned chin can have to your face and especially the side profile! 

A slimmer chin can make your jawline appear smoother and more feminine. As well as, give you a more youthful heart-shaped face or even hide the double shin fat. 

For men, a broader and more prominent chin can give you a more masculine look without having to commit surgical options

Jawline enhancement

A well defined jawline is desired by all, as it conveys youth and physical fitness. Dermal filler offers a fast and effective way to achieve this chiseled structure with amazing results. 

By placing a specialised dermal filler gel along the jawline, a little volume will be added to the skin sculpting a beautiful and smooth jawline.

According to your face shape it can help to hide a sagging jawline and double chin.