Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

With time our levels of collagen elastin start to decrease and this can cause sagging and wrinkling skin. Your skin has dozens of small muscles that move in order to give you expressions.

Unfortunately, these expressions can become very strong and produce wrinkles, which with time will become ingrained in your skin.

Botox is injected into specific muscles in the skin to put them into a state of temporary relaxation. Therefore, the wrinkles in the skin will soften or prevent further ingrained lines. 

Leaving you with younger looking skin, smoother and free from harsh lines and wrinkles. 

Botox is not like dermal filler, it does not fill in the existing lines but it temporarily relaxes the muscles that create further wrinkles. It can take up to 14 days to see the full effect. 

At SY Clinic, we like to be perfectionists and therefore, encourage our clients to come back for a free top up after two weeks. This ensures that you get perfect results and see the improvement. 

Botox will last up to 3-6 months, depending on your body’s metabolism and tolerance. However, when a muscle is not in frequent use it will shrink in size (muscle atrophy) therefore, you may find that after several treatments the results can last a bit longer.

As we always say, prevention is better than the cure. Therefore, we recommend booking in for a treatment as soon as you start to see static lines, which are those lines that appear even when the muscle is rested.