Welcome to SY Clinic

Early Years & Education

Mr Ali Hirji studied pharmacy at De Montfort University , from which he graduated in 2015. Pharmacists acquire extensive knowledge on drug use and their effects. Also, crucial clinical abilities for a practitioner to work carefully, accurately and methodically. 


In his journey, he had the honour to be trained by the well known Dr Zack Ally in London. During his four years of practice, he acquired much experience, knowledge and skills, allowing him to establishing his own blend of techniques that use the human facial anatomy to create stunning facial transformations. 

Passion for aesthetic medicine:

Since the start of his career, Ali’s enthusiasm for helping other people  achieve their ideal appearance to improve their confidence was clear. In this field, he found success by consolidating his knowledge in medicine and fusing it with his artistic flair with an eye for detail. Accomplishing magnificent results for each patient. 

Company principles:

Mr Ali Hirji, also popularly know as the King of lips, specialises in non surgical enhancements, that highlight natural beauty. Nonetheless, maintaining the sanctity of our faces. 

We have pioneered our SY Signature Lips which maintains the natural harmony of the lips yet still being plump and healthy looking. 

In our consultations, we make sure to listen to our clients and their desired outcome. We can create results raging from Juicy to natural lips using personalised techniques, which are bespoke for each patient. 

Mr Ali enjoys developing his knowledge and skills by often participating in industry meetings and conferences to stay up to date with his knowledge in medicine. As well as, helping the community and giving back working in local pharmacies. 

Why we believe in non-surgical aesthetics:

Non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers, Botox and non-surgical nose jobs have increased in popularity during these recent years due to how easy and painless the treatments are. Also, the low cost and risk they carry. 

Mr Ali uses only the most advanced products that are available in today’s market. These products contain lidocaine inside, which numbs  the treated area during the procedure, helping for a better overall experience. 

What is Dermal Fillers?:

Dermal filler are soft injectable gel that consists of hyaluronic acid(Ha), a substance naturally found in the body. The filler is placed under the skin with a thin needle or cannula. 

The gel can be used to give volume and hydration to the skin, as well as accentuating certain features of the face like, plump lips, sharp cheekbones and a chiselled jawline.

How do I know if fillers are right for me?:

During your consultation, Mr Ali will artistically assesses your  face and will only recommend treatments that will harmonise with your natural facial features and increase balance. 

You will receive an in-depth explanation of the treatment and together can decide on a treatment plan. Enquire to book your consultation today with Mr Ali where you can have a private discussion about any treatment you may wish to have. If you would like to see examples of Ali’s work, be sure to check out our Instagram page @syclinic